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Janice Davis
Finance Director

My name is Janice Davis, I am one of the newest additions to the City of Guadalupe, holding the position of Finance Director. I have over 20yrs of accounting experience in the Private sector. In my leisure I enjoy sketch art and painting. I am excited for the opportunity to meet the needs of the people and be a service to the community of Guadalupe.

Angie Pereyra-Leon
Accounting Supervisor

My name is Angie Pereyra-Leon. I have been working for the City of Guadalupe since June of 1999 in the Finance Department. My position started as a Temporary Account Clerk and I have been offered many opportunities to grow within my department through the years. I now hold the position of Accounting Supervisor. I love life, my family & friends, and my Garden.

Isaias Rivas
Account Clerk II

My name is Isaias Rivas. I have served the City of Guadalupe since 2013.

Veronica Fabian

Account Clerk II

My name is Veronica Fabian, I am currently engaged to my partner of 16 years and enjoy raising our four children together. I live a simple life surrounded by amazing people; I have a passion for documenting my life and loved ones through photography. I thank God every day for my job and the opportunity to serve the people of Guadalupe.

Mayra Figueroa
Account Clerk

My name is Mayra Figueroa, I have been employed by the City of Guadalupe since April 2022. I am the proud daughter of immigrant agricultural workers. I enjoy helping the community, I am family oriented and love Mexican culture and traditions.

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Finance Director

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