Recreation & Parks Commission

The Recreation & Parks Commission

(Left to Right) Michael Jimenez, Arnulfo Navarro III, Joseph Harris, Enrique Ortiz, Emily Dreiling

The Recreation & Parks Commission meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Guadalupe Council Chambers, unless otherwise noted. Every meeting is streamed live via YouTube.

Your Commission

Chair: Joseph Harris
Term: 2022-2024

Commissioner: Emily Dreiling
Term: 2020-2024

Commissioner: Enrique Ortiz
Term: 2022-2026

Commissioner: Michael Jimenez
Term: 2022-2026

Commissioner: Arnulfo Navarro III
Term: 2022-2024

Contact the Recreation Department

Annis Barajas

Recreation Services Manager
Directora de Servicios de Recreación

Recreation Services Hours

Monday/Lunes: 9am – 4pm
Tuesday/Martes: 9am – 4pm
Wednesday/Miercoles: 9am – 4pm
Thursday/Jueves: 9am – 4pm
Friday/Viernes: 9am – 4pm
Saturday/Sabado: Closed / Cerrado
Sunday/Domingo: Closed / Cerrado

Esther Britt
Facility Rental Coordinator
Coordinador de Alquiler Instalaciones

Facility Coordinator Hours

Tuesday/martes: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday/miercoles: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Thursday/jueves: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Joseph Harris, Chair

Term: 2022-2026


Brief Bio: I was born and lived in Buffalo, New York for three years, two years in Denver and settling in Guadalupe. I attended local schools and after became interested in coaching and volunteering for recreational activities along with some dedicated friends we operated the Guadalupe youth basketball league for many years. I recently retired from the Guadalupe school District after 45 years and my involvement in recreation  continues to this day.



Emily Dreiling, Commissioner

Term: 2022-2024

Brief Bio: Emily Dreiling has served as Park & Recreation Commissioner since 2021. She is a University of Central Missouri graduate with a Master of Science degree and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland University College Europe. She has worked for the Department of the Air Force for twenty years and is currently the Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer for Headquarters Space Force based out of the Pentagon, working remotely from Guadalupe, CA. She is the director of the Guadalupe Bulldogs cheerleading program and a strong advocate for building a resilient community through recreational opportunities.


Enrique Ortiz, Commissioner

Term: 2020-2024

Brief Bio: Enrique is a lifetime resident of Guadalupe. He is dedicated to serving his community. Enrique is 
also involved with the youth of Guadalupe. He has been part of Guadalupe Youth Football since 2005 and has been the Guadalupe Football  chapter President since 2010.


Michael Jimenez, Commissioner

Term: 2022-2026

Brief Bio: Michael Jimenez worked for SER Jobs for Progress and has experience through that job with bringing recreational activities to the community. He was involved in and helped to coordinate the city’s  Resource Fair that was held in the month of August. He also just recently moved and is now a resident of Guadalupe.

Arnulfo Navarro III, Commissioner

Term: 2022-2024

Brief Bio: Arnulfo Navarro is a local resident of Guadalupe. He grew up in Guadalupe and has multi generational roots here. He enjoys loving his puppy Amy and building things.