City Administrator

The City Administrator

The City Administrator is the administrative head of City Government. He oversees and provides direction to the department heads of the City. He also provides information to the City Council at the bi-monthly City Council meetings and seeks policy direction from the Council. He further provides oversight for personnel, labor relations and risk management functions.

  • Provides information to the City Council identifying community issues and needs.
  • Prepares reports and analysis to assist the City Council in making policy decisions.
  • The formal duties of the City Administrator include (but are not limited to) the following:
    • Assist City Council members to develop policies for the City as a whole
    • Ensure that ordinances passed by the City Council are enforced throughout the City
    • Seek input from the business community and residents to identify and solve problems
    • Coordinate preparation of the annual budget, and implementation of the budget once approved
    • Supervise department heads and other City employees, and oversee contract personnel
    • Investigate citizen complaints and recommend changes to the City Council
    • Other duties as directed by the City Council

City Administrator, Todd Bodem

Todd Bodem was appointed City Administrator for the City of Guadalupe, California on October 8, 2019. As the City Administrator, he is responsible for the implementation and execution of Council policies, strategic planning, fiscal sustainability. With the exception off the Public Safety Director and the City Attorney, he has oversight of all city department heads.

Todd Bodem has worked primarily in local and regional government/real estate development for 29 years.  Mr. Bodem has over 23 years’ experience as a city/county administrator for several agencies in Minnesota and California.  He has close to 5 years’ experience working in real estate land development building multi-million-dollar residential projects and had constant interaction with city/county/state elected officials, governmental staff, community leaders and committees’ groups.  Mr. Bodem is an imaginative and creative person with a spirit to serve and has a team-work and participatory management style and philosophy that promotes integrity, humility, innovation, resiliency, commitment in collaboration with those around him resulting in or achieving high quality work from his employees. He has a mature sense of himself in managing at a macro level but is willing to “roll up his sleeves” to get the job done.  He is a commonsense leader.

Todd Bodem was born in Minneapolis.  He received his Real Estate License from Kaplan Professional Schools in 2007.  He graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Master of Urban Studies in 1994.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Local and Urban Affairs with a Minor in Minority Studies from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota in 1990.  Todd Bodem has a wide range of experiences, skills, knowledge, and abilities that help deliver projects according to demand, needs and wants.  He is proud to have a history of serving in public/privately held positions where he shines.  Mr. Bodem enjoys his faith, family, work, camping, hiking, biking, gardening, sports, and politics.  Mr. Bodem has accomplished his goal of moving out west and working for the wonderful city of Guadalupe.

Contact the City Administration Department

Todd Bodem
City Administrator

Amelia M. Villegas
City Clerk

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Administrative Assistant

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Monday – Friday: 7am – 4:00pm

Phone: (805) 356-3891
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