Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety

Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety Welcome

The Guadalupe Department of Public Safety provides a full-service response to law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency preparedness issues within the City of Guadalupe. We are committed to providing a safe community in which to live, shop and visit. Under a community service model,  the Public Safety Department is an integral part of the community.

The Public Safety Department is staffed 24 hours per day to meet the needs of the community. Persons requesting assistance are met with a very fast response, courteous service, and a high degree of proficiency from our professional staff.

As Director of Public Safety, I am responsible for the management of the Police Department, Fire Department, and the Office of Emergency Preparedness. The consolidation of management structure has proven to be of benefit to the community and staff through an improved coordination of all public safety needs with a reduction in administrative costs.

It is a pleasure and honor to serve the community of Guadalupe as the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police.

Michael Cash
Chief of Police

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